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We are a family owned and operated dairy farm where our cows make more than milk; they make power!  Bekshire Cow Power was built in 2006.  Manure from our cows is a great renewable energy source because our cows make manure, morning, noon and night--non stop!  This manure is pumped into the digester, which is a large concrete bunker 12 feet under the earth, and kept there for 21 days and heated for 101 degrees.  While the manure is in the digester, methane gas is produced and captured and burned in our two generators, "Jim" and "Brian".   The manure is then separated into liquid and solids.  The solids are re-used as bedding for our cows, and compost for gardens.  The liquid is spread on our fields as fertilizer. 

Berkshire Cow Power makes enough power for 500 homes

This process kills pathogens in the manure which causes the smell of our manure.  We have happy cows and happy neighbors with no smell!  The remaining liquid manure is able to be quickly absorbed by the plants and is less likely to cause run-off.   We heat our shop and all of our hot water on our dairy with the heat from our generators.  The generator room is nice and toasty and a great place to visit after a cold winter morning doing chores. 


One of our lovely ladies that help make Cow Power!


 They may be small but they are mighty! 
 Introducing-the next generation of cow power.


Manure is stored in this concrete digester for 21 days.

 More information can be found at www.cvps.com

Our dairy farm is bio-secure.  Tours can be scheduled by appointment only.


Look for Berkshire Cow Power  Green Merchandise available soon.

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